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Missy Battaglia

Love love love this coffee. Rich and creamy crema. Great price. Fast shipping. So glad I found this in my grocery store (conad) before Christmas. I immediately checked their website and ordered 100+ capsules. Works great with the Nespresso Inissia machine. Will be reordering!!

Georgi Kanev

The rich creamy texture, the soft, gentle taste paired with a pleasant sweet finish. I stumbled upon a review about your Il Mingardi S, and so decided to try it out. It was like a shot in the dark as this coffee can not be found and tasted anywhere in Bulgaria, and the shipping price is very high so ordering just a small amount wasn't really worth it. And so like any other person that normally reaches such a conclusion, I ordered a big amount of it :D. Thus the coffee arrived, I set up my grinder, turned my coffee machine on and made my first coffee. "Wow.." I couldn't help but say that, as I took the first sip. The rich creamy texture, the soft, gentle taste paired with a pleasant sweet finish. Personally my best result was 10-11 grams of coffee and 30 ml of added liquid! I think I have found a new favorite amongst Italian coffees :) Best Regards!

Jasper Rosdahl

Worlds greatest Coffee! Thanks for shipping to Sweden! There was a time when I thought of starting an own Coffee Roastery. There’s no longer a need for that. I discovered QUALITÀ EXTRA BAR! Thanks again! Jesper


best coffee our family, we all, love this coffee


Super Service

Robert Kovačević

Everything is excellent, fast delivery, good communication and quality of your coffee. I look forward to further cooperation. Greetings Robert


With this tasting kit I will have the opportunity to test the various qualities proposed by Amigos Caffè but from what little I have tasted, I can say that it is a very good coffee, dal full-bodied taste but with a balanced aroma.


I've bought the Nespresso compatible capsule coffee tasting kit. Coffee arrived home in less than 24 hours, capsules fully functional with ours Inissia. The possibility of trying more types of coffee is really interesting... so that you can choose the one you prefer. At home we are undecided on two ... 7 Origini or Il Mingardi S selection? I guess we'll buy both again :-)


Simple purchase and fast and courteous delivery. I could also have some explanations more on the Mingardi S coffee that I had ordered in confidence based on what I read from the site.


I tried for the first time the online delivery of your products and I must say that the service was excellent. Your products are always excellent. Keep it up.

Comari Massimo

In addition to having a great price, ARABICA coffee,also tastes great. The whole surrounded by the fast delivery.


I tried to buy coffee pods and capsules. I was thrilled. I started with a tasting kit and I must say that the choice on the type of blend to re-purchase was a lot difficult .... in the sense that they are all super!!!!!! Super fast delivery !!!!! From now on go ahead AMIGOS COFFEE forever !!! Thanks


The coffee is very good (extra-bar blend) and the price is very fair! Delivery very fast and very responsive customer care.